Carrying My Brother's Burden

Our Mission

To be our brothers and sisters keeper by providing financial and emotional support to first responders and their families in times of crisis, particularly when dealing with mental health issues, addiction and cancer as well as sharing life skills that are helpful in maintaining emotional and physical sobriety.
In keeping with our Mission, The Firehood Foundation is going to begin a program that will allow us to continue “To Be Our Brother and Sisters Keeper” by not only respect and honor our Brothers and Sisters that are no longer with us, but to also honor our Firehood family members that are also still with us!

I am Joe Militello and proudly part of the Firehood foundation family as a 3-time cancer survivor/thriver. I am a mentor for Firefighter cancer through the Foundation and have been helping our families that are dealing with this terrible disease. We currently have 12 packs that carry and Honor our lost Brothers and Sisters. We are starting our first pack to carry and Honor those that have been through cancer and other life-threatening struggles that we mention in out Mission, and have survived! We are calling this the Survivors Pack.

As I said, we carry the 12 packs with Honor, and we will do the same with the Survivors Pack. We are Praying to God the someday soon, we will have more Survivor Packs than Honor Packs. As we add Brothers and Sisters to the Survivors Pack, that Firefighter / First Responder will actually apply their shield to the pack themselves whenever possible if we are at the same event and or if the person is local……..We will post the pictures to show the growth of the packs.

We at the Firehood Foundation feel this will bring our Mission “full circle” and allow us to reach many more Family members and we are extremely proud and honored of EVERYONE in either pack.

If you meet the criteria and would like to be a part of the Survivor pack, please email me at [ ] and we will make sure we get any information you need, and or get you added to the pack! God bless all of our Brothers and Sisters and be safe out there!

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